Why Trudeau’s reversal on electoral reform is so risky

This past week, Canada’s prime minister announced an about-face on a major campaign promise -- electoral reform. Sadly, he barely blinked as he explained his reasons for betraying voters. Meanwhile, the world was spellbound as President Donald Trump proceeded to honour his campaign promises…one-by-one. Such is the sad, confused state of democracy in North America … Continue reading Why Trudeau’s reversal on electoral reform is so risky


Insidious ageism affects us all

There's no discrimination as widespread as ageism. Even sexism and racism can't claim to affect as many people as does ageism. We're all subject to the unfairness of ageist stereotyping simply because as we move through the phases of our lives, we can't escape the aging process. We are all young, and as long as … Continue reading Insidious ageism affects us all

The brilliance of Snapchat

This Snapchat is brilliant. It's the next big thing right here under our noses. You may have thought it was a passing Millennial-fancy but think again. The social app is gaining popularity with 25-34 year-olds. Marketers are calling the growth to 50 million users this year "startling." And they're wasting no time rolling out their revenue … Continue reading The brilliance of Snapchat

Harper slams a culture that is “anti-women;” no problem though, let’s do business

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the practice of covering one’s face with a niqab is “rooted in a culture that is anti-women.” Harper and his caucus have been caught spanking entire cultures and attacking various religions for their practices with regards to women. Well, if anyone knows about cultures that are anti-women, it’s Harper. In … Continue reading Harper slams a culture that is “anti-women;” no problem though, let’s do business

This changes everything: Social media during a crisis

Now, every crisis explodes onto our radar in a flurry of tweets, texts and visuals. By the time the evening news is broadcast, the public already knows what is going on via social media. It’s an all-out, cross-channel, adrenaline-pumping free-for-all. So, how do you deal with the fact that most of the information about the crisis is going to be reported by a random and potentially anonymous group of citizen journalists who have little or no training, context or accountability?