By Jody MacPherson
Staff Writer
Fort McMurray Express, August 6, 1986

Newspaper clipping from Fort McMurray Express August 6 1986McMurrayites can no longer light up their cigarettes in public.

City council yesterday passed a smoking bylaw which restricts smoking in public places.

The revised bylaw is not as strict as the original bylaw which was proposed in May. It gives local businesses the authority to impose smoking restrictions, but in many cases it does not force them to.

The bylaw states that:

  • Any restaurant that seats more than 50 people must designate a no-smoking section, the size and location is up to the proprietor.
  • Beverage rooms and lounges may designate a portion of the premises as a no-smoking area.
  • Any place of public assembly, which includes any building where the public gathers for entertainment, recreation, deliberation, business or amusement may designate a no-smoking area.
  • Where there is a reception area or a waiting room that is accessible to the public the proprietor may designate it a no-smoking area.
  • Retail shops may declare their whole shop or parts of it no-smoking areas.
  • Smoking is not allowed while waiting in line at the bank or any financial institution, municipal office or public utility office or any other place where you must wait in line for service.
  • Smoking in a taxicab is not permitted without the mutual consent of the driver and all the passengers.
  • Smoking is not allowed in elevators or on escalators.
  • Proprietors have the authority to designate their washrooms no-smoking areas if they so desire.
  • Smoking is prohibited on school buses, transit buses and in transit shelters.

The bylaw imposes strict regulations governing the no-smoking signs including rules concerning their size and placement.

The bylaw is modelled after Calgary’s.









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