seven sets of traffic lights
two railway-crossing points
population 12,987
eighty percent off sale at Ann’s Fashions
an infinite number of dresses
jammed on the racks smelling of sweat
“Missing” poster at the bike shop
65 lb rottweiler named “Peaches”
$50 reward for safe return
four wooden chairs and one scratched table
outside the 2nd Look furniture store
perched on the sidewalk waiting
for dinner guests who never arrive
five-star dining at the old post office
lobster quiche on special for lunch
pick up your Chinese food order
and your Greyhound parcel
one stop at Chung’s Take-out between 4-8 p.m.
take home a tan
250 hours under the UV for $39.99
melanoma melodrama not included
blinds half drawn to block the sun
at the violin repair shop
where a one-dimensional hero
cowboy silouette cut from metal
is propped up outside
$1.99 draft beer for Happy Hour
at the rundown hotel wrapped in pink stucco
like a birthday gift
three motorcycles beefed up with chrome
line the street in front
cruise packages starting at $2,999 per person
book now for your best holiday deal
grainy photos of a dozen homes
line the grimy realtor’s window
displayed like collector hockey cards
Petro-Canada convenience store open 24 hours
two men who don’t care
one teenager working alone
becomes a burnt corpse
resting in a farmer’s field

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