(to a friend on his birthday)

Dancing to Quiet Riot

“Girls rock the boys”

Sneaking into the drive-in

with you in the trunk

Drinking Lemon Gin (you called it panty remover)

and 7up till we puked

That look you used to give me

when I said something shocking

Part admiration, part lust

one eyebrow raised and twitching

The old baseball caps you wore

faded and shaped to your head

The moss-green Valiant car you drove

rust spots and dents, the gas pedal

sometimes stuck

Weekends at the lake, skinny dipping

sleeping deeply, content in a leaky tent.

These days, it’s all

golf and cigars

divorce and dismissal

grumbling about government, taxes

and RRSP returns

grunting noises, you rise from the chair

shake your fist at the world.

You make 40 seem old, old, old.

Jody MacPherson

May, 2004


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