If you are still resisting new methods of communication (social media), you are about to officially become a laggard.

On the right side of this curve is a dangerous place to be if you are in communications

In particular, if you are a communications or public relations professional or even communicating in a volunteer capacity for an organization (political or otherwise), you are probably already way behind the curve. It’s astounding how many people involved in communications believe that they can opt out of the latest methods of communication and still be relevant and/or helpful to their organization.

I hear many excuses for not being on Facebook or joining Twitter for example, but at this point, it’s clear that you have your head in the sand. Social media is not going away and you are falling exponentially further behind with each passing day. You are no longer in the category of “late majority” adopters, either. That “L” on your forehead is most certainly for “Laggard.” (By the way, the reason I’m boldly saying this is that I know these people are not reading my blog anyway).

By the way, you are also making it increasingly difficult on yourself the longer you wait. New communication technology tends to build on itself rather than reinvent itself. You will likely have to work your way through learning social media step by step–you won’t be able to skip merrily to the head of the line. That may have been possible in the past, but not any longer. You are going to stay firmly rooted at the back of the pack, unless you are superhuman or Stephen Hawking or something.

Social media is like a serial television series. If you want to understand the nuances, the characters and appreciate the plot, you have to watch it from the beginning. You can try to skip the first four seasons, but will always be missing out on the richness of the experience and your understanding will be stunted.

I know I’m preaching to the converted here, but I needed to get this in writing for therapeutic reasons. I’ve tried to talk to these stubborn Johnny Come Lately’s face-to-face, but these folks are not listening.

Now, all of you who are in the business of communicating–listen up. This is your last chance. What are you waiting for?

P.S. I’m creating a new category for this post called, “Tough Love” to explain my motivation to my many colleagues and friends who may be annoyed at me for posting this (six months from now when they finally get wind of it).

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