As news broke this week that Alberta’s chief electoral officer is investigating 10 Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta (PCAA) constituency associations over alleged illegal donations, Albertans need to give their heads a collective shake and demand this be thoroughly investigated and if warranted, charges be laid.

The province’s opposition parties are not going to let the story disappear without a fight. (I will say that, for some reason, bringing Tory scandals to light in Alberta is an unbelievably tough uphill battle.)

The Alberta Liberal Party released a harshly worded presser yesterday. Newly elected party president, Todd Van Vliet came out swinging.

Referring to the long-governing Tory party he said, “their politicians swagger around their ridings like warlords, demanding fealty from their subjects.”

The Wildrose Party also called for the list of constituency associations to be released.

“This Premier promised transparency, she should demonstrate it now,” said MLA Paul Hinman. “These guys have conducted themselves as though they were above the law for years.”

Canada’s international reputation is currently in tatters. The government has resorted to engaging in ridiculous propaganda wars on a low level not seen before (boycott Chiquita bananas??!! Really!!??). And, I dare say, a lot of the criticism is due to the Alberta government’s reputation as a corrupt regime. Another scandal is the last thing that the government (both federally by association and provincially) needs.

I sincerely hope that Premier Redford acts swiftly and ruthlessly to quash any illegal and/or unethical practices. Let the proper authorities investigate and deal with the offenders harshly.

Canada can not afford to let any hint of impropriety go unpunished when we are under such unflinching international scrutiny. It’s clear the propaganda is a joke and is not proving effective. The time is now to take decisive and definitive action.


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