Watch for daily curation of content related to the upcoming provincial election in Alberta on my topic.

Here’s a recap, to date:

Feb. 24 – Fires: Critics demand ministers be fired, putting out EMS fires and fiery exchanges in the Legislature. The Friday edition is hot!

Feb. 23 – Power Play: Probing electricity rates, accusations of a whitewash and powerless to prevent a bear kill? (ducking questions in QP today).

Feb. 22 – All Health Breaks Loose: Physicians intimidated, pain medication delayed, no beds for palliative care patients–but report says no need for an inquiry. Today’s roundup of news will scare the bejeebers out of you.

Feb. 21 – Senior moments: Living conditions, long term care fees and Liepert on the road. 😉

Feb. 20 – Riches and Risk: Richest place on earth, risks in emergency room, oilsands risks debated and doing the right thing. Your long weekend election coverage summary.

Feb. 17, 2012 – Ghosts: Healthcare haunts PCs, left-right is a spectre of the past and who are the mysterious donors behind the WRP’s $2.1M? Spooky.

Feb. 16, 2012 – Blow-ups: Explosive tweets, missing middles and blowing up the voting system. The aftermath of today’s election fireworks are summarized here for you.

Feb. 15, 2012 – Hash: Rehashing wait time targets for the ER, choosing a hashtag for the election and just a mess with chief of staff forced to apologize for bullying. Throwing it all together in one place for you!

Feb. 14, 2012 – Bullying: Boycotting breakfast, legalizing firetraps and undignified burials. A banner day in the news for the government. Curating election news for you daily so that you can find all of the news to piss you off easily in one place.

Feb. 13, 2012 – Falling: Facilities falling into disrepair, small business falling out of love with the Alberta government, Green party rises up from the ashes and falling head over heels for new power lines.

Feb. 10, 2012 – Buying time: Redford budget banks on a boom, Alberta party says the govt stole their idea to consult, Daveberta says the PC message is to remain calm.

Feb. 9, 2012 – The Big Deficit: Redford projects 5th straight deficit, shows a deficit in ideas for the future, while the opposition parties point on the deficit in democracy within the PC party.

Feb. 8, 2012 – The Big Reveal: Redford hints at taxes but won’t reveal, students reveal all as they register to vote, Redford refuses to reveal top-up payments, Wildrose candidate reveals too much and the Alberta Liberal Party reveals its report card on membership involvement in policies.


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