It’s only Day 3 of the election and we’ve already run out of real things to challenge Alison Redford and the Tories on?

Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith was quoted in the Edmonton Journal with this memorable line, “I think Ms. Redford doesn’t like Alberta all that much. She doesn’t like who we are. She doesn’t like our character. She wants to change it. I think that’s going to be the ballot question.”

Seriously? I mean the ballot question isn’t going to be about a healthcare system that is imploding? It isn’t about an education system that is failing? It isn’t about a government that has been in power so long they’ve forgotten who it is they work for?

I expected better. Or at least I didn’t expect it to get this silly so early. Let’s have an honest discussion about the problems we are facing. Let’s hear the solutions that each of the parties are offering. Let’s not begin with the schoolyard taunts before we even got started with an honest debate.

How about we discuss the fact that the Tories seem to be moving to commodify our water supply? How about we talk about investing in medical education and credentialing of foreign doctors? Let’s examine the Wildrose commitment to urban transit?

There are plenty of issues to call out Redford and the Progressive Conservatives on. I’m starting to wonder if the Wildrose are afraid to delve into the details of their platform. Perhaps they know that people really won’t like what they see.

Beyond promises to increase the legal drinking limit (after all, everyone wants to be a little more drunk when they drive) and shield the wealthy from even minor tax increases (protect the rich, let the seniors languish in acute care), the Wildrose want to take us back to another era instead of moving us forward. The Tories have had 40 years to figure this out and they are out of ideas.

There are more choices in this election than between “Dumb and Dumber.” Look at all of the candidates, including the voices on the centre-left who’ve been shut out of the Legislature for too long. It’s time for real change, Alberta.

Bringing you bite-sized chunks of election crankiness when the mood hits me.


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