Today, Alison Redford announced a promise of $10 million/year in funding for STARS air ambulance per year starting in 2013.

The Shock Trauma Air Rescue Service provides emergency health care service to rural and remote communities, a group of voters traditionally supportive of the Progressive Conservatives. Now, this audience is almost downright hostile to the party and the PC’s are fighting to regain favour prior to the election.

The STARS helicopter is an iconic image like no other and so I went to search the #abvote hashtag eagerly expecting some great photos of Redford next to the bright red helicopter. Here’s what was sent out on Twitter from Redford’s Twitter account. Click the photo to see the tweet:

Meanwhile, at almost the same time as the Redford announcement, the Wildrose tweeted out a link to a montage of photos of Danielle Smith during a recent tour of the STARS air ambulance hangar, one of which I’ve included in this post. Click the photo to link to the original images:

No further comment necessary.

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Miss Cranky Pants (aka Jody MacPherson) is a communications consultant, politico, soccer mom, divorcee (is it any wonder?) and coffee addict who gets a little testy without regular caffeine. 

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