It seemed like a good idea at the time?

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To be fair, real conversation was drowned out by the noise and the confusion. You could hardly think straight, bombarded with people and the place so crowded — and hot, so hot (like a fiery lake?).  Add to that, the intoxication of the moment. Taps were flowing with liquid bravado and adrenaline was pumping.

As the hours dragged on, the options dwindled and looking around, things started to get a little fuzzy. The room was spinning and you needed a quick exit.

Suddenly, a familiar face appeared and offered an oily, outstretched hand. But wait, there was s a distant memory there of something nasty—a rank whiff of corruption tickling the edge of your nostril.

But with the money flowing freely and unable to see beyond the immediate crowd, you hesitated. There were promises, strokes of ego and flattery. Your resolve was weakened. You surveyed the seedy-looking crowd on one side and considered your options. There’s no denying they gave you the creeps. You shivered.

The familiar face smiled, enticing you in his direction. Then you were whisked away, caught up in the moment and found yourself—well, in a compromising position.

Afterwards, your head is pounding, your identification is loose in your purse, having freed itself from your wallet sometime during the dalliance with that suitor you vowed not to touch.

Putting on your dark sunglasses, you stumble home, hoping no one sees that your values are all askew. You feel like you need to take a shower. This is a lapse in judgment you’d never intended.

You’ve done the unthinkable and there’s no going back.

You leave the polling station. You voted PC, while under the influence of mass media hysteria over Wildrose. Yes, you will now, forevermore, walk the walk of shame.

So don’t do it. Go home with the best choice. Choose a progressive partner and hold your head high.

Miss Cranky Pants (aka Jody MacPherson) is a communications consultant, politico, soccer mom, divorcee (is it any wonder?) and coffee addict who gets a little testy without regular caffeine. 


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