ImageTweets can now be set to self-destruct. But just because you can, doesn’t mean you should (read about Twitter Spirit here).

The Snapchat-inspired service allows you to set an expiration time/date for a tweet. The tweet will then disappear from your Twitter feed at the designated time.

My advice is to be careful how you use this feature if you want to build any kind of credibility with your Twitter audience.

It might be okay to use this if you are offering up something for a limited time (connect with me for a free t-shirt) or if you are letting people know you are in a particular location for a limited time (I’m at the bar, join me for a nightcap). It’s not okay to Twitter spirit away something you are worried may come back to haunt you.

For example, if you want to comment on something with a trite or sarcastic remark but don’t want it floating around for too long, there might be a temptation to put an expiry on it and shoot it out there to “poke the bear.”

Don’t do it. Your audience will soon catch on (the #2d exploding hashtag being the first indication!) and they’ll know you don’t stand by what you say. Would you trust someone who says something to you and then denies saying it later? It’s all the same. Social media doesn’t change the rules of building relationships. It just offers up more technological temptations to damage relationships.


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