13266097_10153585408221517_6206152910962290695_nThis Snapchat is brilliant. It’s the next big thing right here under our noses.

You may have thought it was a passing Millennial-fancy but think again. The social app is gaining popularity with 25-34 year-olds. Marketers are calling the growth to 50 million users this year “startling.” And they’re wasting no time rolling out their revenue model.

The company has announced plans to introduce advertising in between your personal stories, aggressively taking on social cohorts, Twitter and Facebook.

A wisp of an idea

I’ll admit that when I first heard about Snapchat, I thought the ghost was an apt brand choice for something that seemed a little too ethereal to catch on.

But I was wrong. This thing has a winning formula.

It’s better than texting (because photos). It doesn’t take up space on your smartphone (no time to delete, no worries). It’s simple and fun to use (even for old folks like me).

Easy peasy

Most importantly, there is nothing else quite like it. The appeal is that you can snap a quick photo to convey a lot more than a straight text. You can also shoot a short video. And it’s all so effortless.

It even takes care of deleting the media for you. So, you never have to worry about bogging down your device.

Copy that

You can also swipe the screen to read more if you so desire. There’s already been a Snapchat feature film. Now Apple is copying Snapchat with its new lookalike iMessage update.

Snapchat is the future of communication on social networks.

There’ll be no ghosting for this company — it’s here to stay and will shape the way we tell our stories online for good.




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