By Jody MacPherson
Staff Writer
Fort McMurray Express, May 28, 1986


A local company says the city paid too much for an excavating machine its own staff did not recommend.

Ronald Miller, the president of Ed Miller Sales and Rentals Limited, says the purchase will cost McMurray taxpayers almost $200,000 more than it should.

He’s demanding an inquiry.


Mayor Chuck Knight says city council took other factors into consideration other than just the initial price.

“A very thorough analysis was conducted by both our user department and our purchasing department, who are experts, as well as the senior commissioners and Bill Gendreau who has had many years of experience with this type of equipment,” he says.

Knight says it was on their recommendation that the city chose to purchase an excavator from R. Angus Limited instead of from Ed Miller.

Miller claims in a letter to the EXPRESS, that documents delivered anonymously to his office reveal that the city has wasted taxpayer dollers (sic) on an inferior machine.

“I recommend to Mr. Miller that he come before council to present his case, and I’m very disappointed that he chose not to,” says Knight.

Miller says he opted not to attend because he felt his arguments would have been futile. He also says he did not have the documents he has now.

Knight says the invitation is still open to Miller if he wants to go before council.

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