By Jody MacPherson
Staff Writer
Fort McMurray Express, June 4, 1986

Smoking may soon be banned completely in public places in the city but no one is complaining.

City spokesperson Claire Rettie says the city’s proposed new by-law to ban smoking has received no letters or calls of complaint.

“When the by-law went before council for its first reading (May 6) we received a few inquiries, but they were mostly positive,” says Rettie.

In fact, the city clerk’s office says only two copies of the by-law have even been picked up by the general public.

Rettie says no one identifying themself with any local business or organization has asked to even speak to council when it next considers the by-law on June 10.

The proposed new by-law is modelled after similar laws in Edmonton, Calgary, Lethbridge and Red Deer, she says.

At the hospital, a special task force on smoking policy has recommended to the board of trustees that it eventually ban smoking altogether.

The board has tentatively accepted the proposal.

The chairman, Grant Lemon says he has no doubt that smoking will soon be eliminated from the hospital completely.

“We won’t actually be taking action right away, but we will be introducing the new restrictions gradually over the next six months,” he says.

Lemon says they still have to meet with the union and support staff to discuss the new policy.

The smoking policy will again go before the board on June 12. The new hospital policy is designed to meet the requirements of the proposed city by-law.

The by-law calls for a ban on smoking in retail shops, at the service counters of banks, financial institutions and offices, in elevators and on escalators, in any service lines, buses or places of public assembly.

It also calls for local restaurants to reserve 35 per cent of their seating area for non-smokers.

A telephone survey of 20 local restaurants indicates only six currently offer such facilities, but three indicated a non-smoking table could be arranged.



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