This started as a thread on Twitter, but since it has become so popular, I’m posting it here for easier reading.

Let’s start with the inaccurate assumption that Jason Kenney and the UCP government are making rational decisions – evidence suggests otherwise.

A panel to look at Alberta’s fiscal situation but looking at new sources of revenue deemed “out of scope.” Top notch economic theory right there.

A province that is “broke” but can afford to jet Conservative premiers around on taxpayer dime, pay a guy $170k to do issues management, (which seems to involve engaging in Twitter wars) and spends $30m on PR for the O&G companies. And how many panels now? Paging Grant Hunter!

A panel to look at supervised consumption sites but the benefits of the sites deemed “out of scope.” A party loyalist is appointed as advocate for mental health and addictions patients. No apparent qualifications, she has a PR background.

A campaign promise to protect LGBTQ2 rights but a bill to roll back those protections. Another promise not to legislate on social issues and yet, #Bill207. Both are immediately hugely unpopular with the electorate.

A claim to support “law and order” but then, surprise cuts to police budgets, a bill to protect vigilantes wanting to shoot trespassers and oh yeah, members of said government being investigated by the RCMP! Addendum: they now want to get rid of the RCMP altogether.

Also, First Nations kids in rural Alberta terrorized by a white guy who wants to shoot up their school, who is arrested and then released into the community. No mention of this by a Justice Minister who is VERY chatty on rural crime AND doing a rural crime media tour.

A campaign promise of no cuts to education funding and then, cuts. Except private schools, of course, no cuts to their funding. An extensive curriculum rewrite thrown out the window. No teachers on the panel doing the new rewrite of the old rewrite. Nice.

A premier who claims to be a federalist and in the same breath, threatens to pull out of Canada. Also, fails to mention the policies he’s most opposed to were created by a Conservative gov’t when he was in said federal cabinet.

And they LOVE the oil and gas, which is so much more responsibly produced than the rest of the world. Except, they cancelled AB’s climate plan, are rolling back environmental monitoring and attacking environmental groups. For this, AB now has a rebuke from Amnesty International.

Of course, there is also the lack of consultation with unions in moving around pension fund administration. Way to build trust ahead of labour contract negotiations.

And of course, talking about separation without a mention of First Nations seems really well thought out. Not a word has been said officially about how Treaties would be handled knowing the main reason TMX pipeline is held up in the courts is due to a lack of FN consultation.

So, can we just accept that we cannot assume the thinking behind any ideas coming out of this gov’t is rational? Let’s start there and not waste time searching for and hoping for rationality that doesn’t exist. The quicker we can react, analyze and respond, the better.

If there is anything to be learned from watching the media and the pundits covering the GOP and Trump, it’s that struggle they had for so long grasping the total irrationality of it. Let’s just skip over that and get on with dealing.



Miss Cranky Pants (aka Jody MacPherson) is a professional communicator, social media fan, politico, cyclist, divorcee (is it any wonder?) and coffee addict who gets a little testy without regular caffeine. 


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