This started as a thread on Twitter and grew into another thread. I’m posting it here for easier reading.

Here we go again. It hasn’t even been a month since my last post about the UCP’s irrational decision-making and there is enough new evidence to post another whole thread.

Not enough money for groups like Skipping Stones and the Homeless Foundation’s DOAP program but $40K for a pickleball club in a cabinet minister’s riding.

Claiming to cleanse politics from the education curriculum by saying you want to remove content about the environment that your conservative base and corporate donors find politically inconvenient.

Laying off lawyers in one area, to open the door for outsourcing. Announcing the hiring of more articling students (needing mentorship and training) thereby requiring more Crown Prosecutors. Calling this messy contradiction “strengthening the justice system.”

Talking about separation from Canada to help the Alberta economy, while the Chamber of Commerce says this causes more uncertainty for businesses not less. A technology company withdraws its plans to locate their HQ in the province as a result. So much winning.

The removal of election commissioner investigating your party as a “cost-saving” measure, then approving an increased budget for Elections Alberta. Also, halting the release of information about fines, which are mostly levied those against your party, while claiming transparency.

A job “creation” strategy that has seen a loss of 18,000 jobs in Alberta in November alone. And this is before the threatened public sector layoffs have even kicked in. Announcing more than 6,000 job cuts in the public sector.

A promise that taxpayers won’t pay more, then removing caps on tuition, auto insurance and electricity. A commitment to help rural communities by adding 500 new RCMP officers, and oh yeah, they say they weren’t consulted but will see an increase in their taxes to pay for it.

Another downgrade to Alberta’s credit rating by Moody’s but Kenney says it is “factually wrong.” Economists may disagree. Oddly enough, the UCP said just the opposite about Moody’s when the NDP govt saw a downgrade.

Jason Kenney releases a statement on the importance of World AIDS day. Know the history.

Alberta’s education is ranked third in the world for science and reading, eighth for math, but teachers are failing students, according to the Minister of Education. Better get on that curriculum rewrite asap.

The Trans Mountain Pipeline is approved, but according to Kenney and the UCP, the federal government still isn’t doing enough to help Alberta. Sending a delegation of 18 people to Ottawa to ask for more money. But, we’re broke?

Passing Clare’s law to help victims of domestic violence but withholding funding for electronic monitoring of abusers.

Announcing a freeze on new photo radar purchases while budgeting to take a larger share of the fines from municipalities, bringing it into provincial coffers.

Announcing a strategy to force doctors into rural practice against their will. It doesn’t seem to matter that this is a 30-year-old strategy that has failed in four other provinces?

The Municipal Affairs Minister insulting and bullying municipal politicians publicly. The Premier dismissing the work of respected political scientists as partisan, while the Gov’t House Leader claims to be “proud” of the decorum in the Legislature.

The premier and cabinet brag at the UCP convention about information overload as if it was a good or valid media strategy. Can’t seem to understand how media is essential to democracy. Did I mention Rebel Media was a special guest at said UCP convention?

The ethics commissioner advises government members not to vote for Bill 22 because they were in a conflict of interest. They do anyway and the Minister of Justice Trumps out, “NO CONFLICT” in a tweet for the ages.

With Bill 22, the govt makes an aggressive move to gain control over public sector pensions, sparking a warning from presidents of all the unions. Kenney expresses shock 700 people show up to protest and are chanting “general strike.” I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about.

This is exhausting and the list of irrational decisions just keeps growing. Keep adding to this with your own examples.



Miss Cranky Pants (aka Jody MacPherson) is a professional communicator, social media fan, politico, cyclist, divorcee (is it any wonder?) and coffee addict who gets a little testy without regular caffeine. 

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