Your position is of the utmost malfeasance.
Seemingly blind to the uneasy tenor of the place.
You soundlessly mock those in your presence.
By entering without covering your face.


You vigorously exhale droplets of calamity.
Yield to an unseen thief of life and breath.
You shrug and show no compassion for humanity.
And have not planned for what comes next.


You sneeze a flood of juicy hubris.
Nostrils flare widely with little regard.
You are unapologetic and to protest is pointless.
To wear a mask, for you, is just too damned hard.


With your mouth wide open, smirking, gaping.
Strangers exchange looks of disgust and despair.
Warily, their thoughts turn to escaping.
But the leaving now is neither here nor there.


This is your decision in a shared, indoor space?
To disregard the experts’ insistence?
What’s uncovered here, is not just your face.
You’ve put your comfort above others’ existence.


You’ve been unceremoniously unmasked.
Stark truths captured in this moment in COVID history.
Your quintessential selfishness is unsurpassed.
This is what this pandemic has revealed to me.



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