COVID-19 communication in Alberta is not working

Over the last two decades, communication practices during a crisis have evolved and adapted to changing technologies. One thing that has not changed in the last 20 years, however, is the need for simple, succinct messaging. There is a large body of knowledge out there on how to explain risks to people. There is also a highly researched best practice approach and a knowledgeable cohort of professional communicators across the globe who can help with communications in a crisis. There is no excuse for this kind of mixed messaging

Why Duckett’s apology failed

After the now infamous "cookie exchange" between Dr. Stephen Duckett and the media here in Alberta, I wrote a post about the incident and expressed sympathy for the communications staff as I imagined they were wondering how to advise Dr. Duckett on regaining credibility. I didn't believe there was much he could do. Immediately following … Continue reading Why Duckett’s apology failed

YouTube video leads to downfall of top-level bureaucrat

It's a new day and Dr. Stephen Duckett is now out of a job because of a viral YouTube video. Just to recap, Dr. Duckett was brought in from Australia by the former Alberta Health and Wellness Minister, Ron Liepert to head the Alberta Health Services or the "Superboard" (the Big Old Board, or "BOB" … Continue reading YouTube video leads to downfall of top-level bureaucrat

Sherman gives opposition parties a Christmas gift

Let the courting begin. With Dr. Raj Sherman now booted out of the PC Caucus, the other political parties must be literally frothing at the mouth for an opportunity to bring the rogue Raj into the fold. It's assumed that the Alberta Liberals have been talking with Dr. Sherman since the brouhaha erupted last week … Continue reading Sherman gives opposition parties a Christmas gift