Dissent not destruction: Give reason a chance

Protest is an essential part of any democracy. Rioting and destruction of property isn't. What are the dynamics of a demonstration and what can we learn from it? At a recent protest against election fraud held here in Calgary represented an opportunity to learn a few things about how to maintain civil discourse. Balancing act … Continue reading Dissent not destruction: Give reason a chance


Stop stalking, start talking

We all know that "stalking" someone is wrong. So why is that some decent political candidates start taking on stalker-like characteristics when an election is near? Time to take a step back and realize how your behaviour appears to everyone who's watching (except perhaps your most loyal supporters, in whose eyes you can do no … Continue reading Stop stalking, start talking

Of warlords, bananas and Canada’s battered reputation

As news broke this week that Alberta's chief electoral officer is investigating 10 Progressive Conservative Association of Alberta (PCAA) constituency associations over alleged illegal donations, Albertans need to give their heads a collective shake and demand this be thoroughly investigated and if warranted, charges be laid. The province's opposition parties are not going to let … Continue reading Of warlords, bananas and Canada’s battered reputation

Swing Strategies: New post on content curation for causes

You won't find a definition for content curation online. It's too new. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't consider it for your cause. Shel Holtz, a respected blogger and expert on communication and technology recently outlined a process for business. Here's an adaptation for non-profits, politicians or activists. Read the post here: http://myswingstrategies.wordpress.com/2012/01/03/content-curation-for-your-cause-holtz-process-adapted/

Inspiring a disillusioned electorate

If there's one thing that unites most, if not all political parties, it's the ongoing bafflement about how to motivate an increasingly disillusioned electorate. In backrooms everywhere, party executives and policy wonks debate methods of getting average folks on their side. They talk about advertising, signage and social media campaigns. They discuss their candidate's best … Continue reading Inspiring a disillusioned electorate