The elevation of lying

“All the lies — I can't even keep them straight in my head any more.” These are the words of Walter White, played by Bryan Cranston in the television drama, "Breaking Bad." White's character is a teacher turned meth dealer whose life becomes one big illusion after he is diagnosed with lung cancer. The show has received widespread … Continue reading The elevation of lying


CIFF 2012: Behind-the-scenes but no less talented

In the super-hyped world of so-called "reality" TV shows, the most talented singers, dancers and entertainers always triumph at the end of the day. The unsuccessful contestants on everything from America's Got Talent, The Voice and any number of similarly-scripted shows, are either not talented enough or just not ready for stardom. But what if … Continue reading CIFF 2012: Behind-the-scenes but no less talented

CIFF 2012: Canadian film is “ferociously” good

Saskatoon just lost its film innocence. And it was not pretty. (View the trailer here.) The picturesque, prairie city is the setting for Calgary filmmaker Robert Cuffley's latest psychological thriller, and "Tiny Town" as it is referred to in the film, never looked so dark and seedy. Most of the movie takes place in a … Continue reading CIFF 2012: Canadian film is “ferociously” good