The brilliance of Snapchat

This Snapchat is brilliant. It's the next big thing right here under our noses. You may have thought it was a passing Millennial-fancy but think again. The social app is gaining popularity with 25-34 year-olds. Marketers are calling the growth to 50 million users this year "startling." And they're wasting no time rolling out their revenue … Continue reading The brilliance of Snapchat


This changes everything: Social media during a crisis

Now, every crisis explodes onto our radar in a flurry of tweets, texts and visuals. By the time the evening news is broadcast, the public already knows what is going on via social media. It’s an all-out, cross-channel, adrenaline-pumping free-for-all. So, how do you deal with the fact that most of the information about the crisis is going to be reported by a random and potentially anonymous group of citizen journalists who have little or no training, context or accountability?

Fools rushing in? Legislating social media without understanding it first

The Texas Tribune is reporting today that legislators in the state have  introduced a "bevy of bills" relating to social media. According to the article, the bills stem from "concern about privacy and safety." Most of the proposed bills sound like steps in the right direction, but legislators need to tread carefully here. Social media is … Continue reading Fools rushing in? Legislating social media without understanding it first

Swing Strategies: New post on bridging the communications gap between Millennials and Baby Boomers

Boomers often resist catering to the needs of Millennials. In their eyes, the Millennials are “shallow twits suffering from attention deficit disorder who are simply wasting time, sharing too much and accomplishing very little.” When explaining this generation to Boomers, the most common reaction I get is disbelief. Read the post here:

Twitter the clear winner in the Alberta election debate

This column appeared originally on Troy Media. Oops. They did it again. And we fell for it. We actually believed the debate was about informing Albertans of the issues prior to the April 23 provincial election. We tuned in to watch an hour-long “debate” expecting an all-you-can-eat buffet of election information and ended up ordering … Continue reading Twitter the clear winner in the Alberta election debate

Dissent not destruction: Give reason a chance

Protest is an essential part of any democracy. Rioting and destruction of property isn't. What are the dynamics of a demonstration and what can we learn from it? At a recent protest against election fraud held here in Calgary represented an opportunity to learn a few things about how to maintain civil discourse. Balancing act … Continue reading Dissent not destruction: Give reason a chance