The following are articles written for the Fort McMurray Express, a weekly newspaper that was published from 1979 – 1994 in the now Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo. I’m reproducing them here for the historical record. This is a work in progress.

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May, 1986

May 14, 1986: What’s the fuss? Bringing cellular telephones on line

May 14, 1986: Shipping to New Mexico: Shell eyes new system

May 21, 1986: Late spring, few fires

May 21, 1986: Youth rescues stranded trio

May 21,1986: A guild with spirit: Brew Ha-Ha!

May 28, 1986: “People are afraid to complain”

May 28, 1986: Contractor protests

May 28, 1986: YMCA running out of cash

June, 1986

June 4, 1986: Chamber’s pleas for peace

June 4, 1986: Full steam ahead on by-law

June 4, 1986: “Special” athletes stalk gold: Carrying our banner to finals

June 11, 1986: An old game’s revival: Winning and losing your marbles

June 18, 1986: Burns fumes over budget

June 25, 1986: How did city lose $1.2 million?

June 25, 1986: City axes top position

June 25, 1986: Cult watchdogs to Lloydminster

June 25, 1986: Nannies carry on tradition

July, 1986

July 9, 1986: Where the $1.2 million went


Date unknown

Father’s flight from the Klan: Searching out his roots